Author: Ron Wheeler

Saba Analytics Maximums

As of October 2016 Saba Cloud has the following minimums, maximums and defaults. Report Type Rows Max Rows Default Filter Min Filter Max Filter Default Dimensions Min Dimensions Max Dimensions Default Metrics Min Metrics Max Metrics Default Flat List 100,000

Using QR codes for attendance tracking

It is possible to generate QR codes for any URL or text stream. You just need to know the URL or text that you want to encode. What URL or text do you want to encode for attendance tracking? A

Making a short list of LMS candidates

Frequently, we see requests for suggestions about the “right” LMS in LinkedIn and other social forums. Often the only detail will be the industry in which the company fits. With over 350 LMSs available, the discussion degenerates into “My LMS

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Is the Training Manager role obsolete?

Training managers in corporate Learning and Development (L&D) departments are facing a number of threats to the continued need for their traditional services in organizations: The tools available in LMSs are getting easier for managers to use. Setting up training

LMS Implementation Costs for SaaS

Although the systems are getting easier to configure and the SaaS fees continue to fall, you still need to train the Administrator and get the system configured. Most of the training has nothing to do with “Go to this screen

Benefits of Blended Learning

Many people are looking at instructor led training (physical and virtual) and asynchronous training as a choice. It is best thought of as palette of ingredients for a recipe where the instructor blends activities from both to make a nutricious

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Effective Presentations

We are often involved in discussions about how to make virtual classroom sessions interesting and effective. The article How to Give a Killer Presentation  by Chris Anderson from the Harvard Business Review June 2013 issue takes the reader back to

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Funding for MOOCs

MOOCs (Massive Open On-line Courses) are going to be a big part of the education landscape for the next decade. The idea of bringing high quality education to the world is too powerful to be ignored. One of the questions

Source control for eLearning projects

eLearning projects usually consist of a large number of assets and configuration files. These need to be stored and managed in a way that permits controlled access as well as the ability to manage versions properly. SCM (software configuration management)

Customization vs Configuration in an LMS

It is important to differentiate between “customization” and “configuration”. Customization implies changing code which makes support and upgrading difficult and requires some level on in-house or contracted expertise available to mediate between the vendor and the administrators. Configuration imples that