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Making a short list of LMS candidates

Frequently, we see requests for suggestions about the “right” LMS in LinkedIn and other social forums. Often the only detail will be the industry in which the company fits. With over 350 LMSs available, the discussion degenerates into “My LMS

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Is the Training Manager role obsolete?

Training managers in corporate Learning and Development (L&D) departments are facing a number of threats to the continued need for their traditional services in organizations: The tools available in LMSs are getting easier for managers to use. Setting up training

LMS Implementation Costs for SaaS

Although the systems are getting easier to configure and the SaaS fees continue to fall, you still need to train the Administrator and get the system configured. Most of the training has nothing to do with “Go to this screen

How to write Better Tests

In one of my LinkedIn groups, someone posted this link to a handbook on writing tests. It is very well done and has a lot of practical ideas on writing tests. It is technology neutral and would apply to manual

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The modern way to facilitate on-boarding

Companies that are in a rapid growth phase or facing a large-scale restructuring of the workforce through retirement, should look at a top-rated SaaS solution that has all the tools in place to support rapid on-boarding of new employees and

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Saba Social Demonstration Recording is available

The recording from the latest Saba Social demonstration is available at Saba Social Demonstration. Saba Social is an award winning enterprise social networking solution that transforms the workplace by enabling rapid innovation, knowledge sharing, and highly connected communities of employees,

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Social Networking promotes recognition of KM participants

At the executive breakfast to which I referred in my previous posting, there was mention of another benefit of private social networks that I found interesting. The ability of the system to track followers and their impressions of the people

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Social Networking as an On-Boarding Accelerator.

At the recent Saba executive breakfast in Montreal, there was an interesting discussion about how organizations can use private social networks to accelerate the on-boarding process. In the scenario that was discussed, new employees arrive at their desk and are

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Empowered and transformative workplace through Saba People Cloud

An executive breakfast was held on Friday October 28th 2011 in Montreal. It was hosted by Saba Software and Artifact Software. More than 30 executives attended with great interest the enthralling presentations of Bobby Yazdani, CEO and Founder of Saba

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Some strategic ideas on choosing an LMS

This article was prompted by a LinkedIn discussion about choosing an LMS. There are a lot of choices for LMS solutions that range from open source to the top-of-the-line commercial products. To make the right choice, you need to look

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