The modern way to facilitate on-boarding

Companies that are in a rapid growth phase or facing a large-scale restructuring of the workforce through retirement, should look at a top-rated SaaS solution that has all the tools in place to support rapid on-boarding of new employees and accelerated integration of new people.
Take a look at the Saba suite ( which is transforming the workplace by offering top-rated integrated solutions that encompass traditional LMS features, Social Networking and Virtual Classrooms.
Before SaaS, Saba was only affordable by large organizations. With per user pricing and a good rapid implementation methodology, it can be cost-effective for companies with hundreds of employee as well as million user organizations.

Imagine an on-boarding platform that automaically assigns new employees all of their required training, provides a pre-built social network of the people in the organization that they should follow and pre-registration in corporate forums based on their job requirements. Add in a convenient integrated virtual meeting function that supports full classroom functions as well as ad hoc meetings. That is Saba’s vision of the right way to support the modern organization that needs to grow while staying lean and agile.
With SaaS you do not have to worry about scaling up.
If you later decide to include external users, Saba has a pricing model that makes this cost-effective as well.
I may be a bit biased since Artifact sells and implements Saba in organizations with under 3000 employees but I am quite enthusiastic about the product philosophy that Saba has adopted. It really seems to fit the modern organization where learning takes on so many forms, knowledge needs to flow fast and young employees expect information to be available on-demand regardless of its source or format.

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