Benefits of Blended Learning

Many people are looking at instructor led training (physical and virtual) and asynchronous training as a choice.
It is best thought of as palette of ingredients for a recipe where the instructor blends activities from both to make a nutricious and delicious meal for the students.

Blended virtual learning has lots of benefits:

  • better use of instructors time
    • information transfer best done through asynchronous courses
    • LVC time used for coaching and discussion and interactive activities
    • on-line assessment removes marking from instructor
  • better student experience
    • new material and remedial courses at theh student’s pace
    • students do not get left behind
    • more smaller assessments, marked instantly so student’s can guage their own progress quicker and more completely
    • more time for interaction with instructors and peers
    • more peer to peer coaching – VLC breakout rooms as well as forums,etc.
  • organization
    • easier scheduling
      • no travel time
      • can break activities into smaller chunks
    • lower cost
      • no travel
      • no physical facility
    • less disruption to productivity
      • small blocks
      • asynchronous can be deferred to meet urgent needs.
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