Making a short list of LMS candidates

Frequently, we see requests for suggestions about the “right” LMS in LinkedIn and other social forums. Often the only detail will be the industry in which the company fits.

With over 350 LMSs available, the discussion degenerates into “My LMS will fit your needs, call me or visit our web site.”

People seeking advice from a community should add a few more details about what they want by laying down some business requirements.

  • Do you want to sell courses or certifications?
  • Do you need to handle certification?
  • Do you need to track or issue PDUs or CEUs?
  • Are all your learners employees?
  • Do you need to interface to your HRIS system?
  • Do you need to have version control on courses and certifications?
  • Do you need sophisticated testing and assessment integrated in the LMS?
  • Do you want to install it on your own hardware or have the vendor host it.
  • What are all the offering types that you need to support:
  • WBT built internally, courses hosted on external course providers, classroom (Physical and virtual), resource to read or fill out(PDF, text, spreadsheets), podcasts, video, OJT or projects whose grades must be tracked, tests and assessments,

This is not an exhaustive list of features but it includes most of the function requirements that separate the contenders from the “also-rans”.

Artifact can supply a full RFP template that contains a long list of features that can serve as part of a contracting document.

Many of the features will be provided by all 350+ LMS systems so is not a good way to construct a short list.

Identifying the key functions that you need to support the business processes that you need is a much more efficient way to start.

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