Using QR codes for attendance tracking

It is possible to generate QR codes for any URL or text stream.
You just need to know the URL or text that you want to encode.

What URL or text do you want to encode for attendance tracking?
A QR code for registering attendance would be based on the course and the person since both pieces of information are required in th URL passed to Saba as an attendance record.

If you want a single code to record attendance at multiple courses, a QR code may not help you any more than a bar code with the employee number or LMS username.

If you use an existing employee badge, you could just map the employee number/badge number to the Saba username and add the course info create an attendance to upload.

With a QR, you would still have to decode the URL to get the person id and then merge it with the course to get a record that you could upload as a transcript.

There are off-the-shelf products to record attendance based on bar codes and QR images. These can record duration as well as simple attendance.
You still need to do the mapping of the “Atandance at what event” part if your bar code or QR code just includes the employee identification. is an article that explains QR codes and discusses some of the limitations.
The big one is the need for a steady image which may be hard to do for the person taking attendance. Bar codes have so much more redundancy in the signal that they can capture data from a moving bar code (grocery store checkout) which might be easier for an instructor who is standing in a doorway trying to scan badges quickly as people walk by.